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10 November 2011


Date of returning:17 & 18 November 2011(Thur & Fri)
Venue: Respective faculties (with mentor)

Step of registration
1. Fees payment & Activate Status with Acct Dept.
(14th Oct - 21st Nov 2011)

2.Collection of Exam Results
Results will be release Online. Please refer to KLAS E-Learning for any announcement from Exam Dept.

3.Confirmation of Subject Registration(with mentor)
(17th & 18th November 2011)

Classes will starts on the 21st of November 2011.
Adding subjects is from 21st November - 2nd December 2011
Drop subjects is from 21st November - 16th December 2011
Withdraw subjects is from 19th December 2011 - 20 January 2012 (Tuition Fees shall be charge)
Late Withdraw subjects -23rd January - before final exam week (Need approval from FAC & UAC. Penalties of RM200 + Tuition Fees shall be charge)