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29 March 2013

australia anugerahkan Preve 5 bintang

kenapa anda perlu memiliki PREVE???

sila baca ini

dah bace?? nak dapatkan preve??? full loan??
hubungi - fira haris (013-3071828)

SAGA FLX ~~~ safety in the first ASEAN NCAP

hai kawan2...
fira just nak bagaitahu bahawa, jangan takot untuk membeli saga flx standard ye...
kerana saga flx standart telah di upgrate dengan sistem2 safety terkini ...
oleh itu, walaupon anda membeli saga FLX, anda tetap selamat....

hubungi - fira haris (013-3071828)

sila bace sedikit petikan

The Proton Saga FLX has been awarded a three star rating for safety in the first ASEAN NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme) frontal collision test results.

The results were announced today at the ASEAN NCAP Open Day held by Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) at its PC3 Crash Lab at the Road Transport Department Academy in Malacca.

“This achievement is a testament of the improving quality of Proton cars, and that the Proton Saga is a safe car which had passed the internationally recognised assessment programme, the ASEAN NCAP,” said Datuk Mohd Khamil Jamil, executive chairman of Proton Holdings.

“To be able to offer such standards in even our entry-level models is a proof of our commitment to provide to Malaysians value-for-money cars.”

Khamil Jamil added that the award isn’t just about Proton, but its serves a bigger role in further enhancing the safety standards of the national automotive industry.

“We applaud the existence of the region’s first crash test facility, as well as the support provided by the government for this is a strong encouragement to manufacturers to build better and safer cars,” said Khamil Jamil.

*Update: According to our reporter at the Road Transport Department Academy, Shahrim Tamrin, the three star safety rating was awarded to a yet to be released Saga FLX variant known as the Saga FLX+, which comes equipped with two airbags. A source inside Proton has confirmed that the Saga FLX+ would phase out the existing Saga FLX when it is introduce sometime around February and March. The standard Saga FLX was said to have received an ASEAN NCAP rating of only one star.

09 March 2013

monthly proton saga/persona/preve/inspira/ezora

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sgt hebat!!!!